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Global Collaboration GRO Program

GRO Winners

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For 2012 GRO, we have accepted proposals in 71 subjects under 15 research themes and 86 award winning proposals are selected as below.

2011 GRO Winners
Theme Proposal Title University Name
Biomedical Science & Engineering (BSE) Real-time THz Imaging for Identification of Malignant vs. Benign Tissue Characteristics and Tumor and Nerve Margins Ohio State University
Electromagnetic Detection and Imaging of Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer Ohio State University
MicroRNAs in Mechanotransduction and Its Utilization in Vascular Stents UC San Diego
Exploring Mechanotransductive Signaling as a Therapeutic Target in Brain Cancer UC Berkeley
Inducing Functional Changes in Proteins Using THZ Radiation: First Steps Towards Protein Electrodynamics University of Southampton
Novel MEMS Drug Delivery Devices University of Texas at Dallas
Biotherapeutics Bispecific Antibody Capture of Tumor-Secreted Chemokines MIT
De Novo Design of Repeat Proteins as Non-antibody Protein Scaffolds UNC Chapel Hill
Chemoenzymatic Site-Selective Attachment to Antibodies: Using Glycosylation Sites to Position Drugs University of Oxford
Computational Science (R)Evolutionary High-Throughput Discovery and Optimization of Materials Enhanced Technologies Central Michigan University
Atomic-Scale Modeling of Defect-Mediated Device Degradation Vanderbilt University
SmartApps: Smart Applications for Multicores Texas A&M University
Generation of Parallel Patterns based Programs for Hybrid CPU-GPU Architectures University of Bordeaux
Network Inference and Optimization with Statistical Physics methods (NETSTAT) University of Thessaly
Leveraging Bipartite Networks to Investigate the Dynamical Properties of Socio-technical Systems IIT Kharagpur
Modeling of Nanoelectronic and Nanoelectromechanical Systems based on Graphene Institute of Spectroscopy, RAS
Fast Low Cost Methods to Learn Structure of Large Networks King's College London
Connectivity An Optimized Solution Toward Green Mobile Cloud Computing UCLA
Practical Concatenated Polar Coding UC San Diego
FTN Signaling Combined with Concatenated LDPC Coding for Bandwidth-efficient Data Transmission Lund University
Performance Limits of Cloud based Wireless Networks IIT Hyderabad
Generalized Concatenated Polar Codes Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Enabling AGN Near-Capacity Polar Codes with Good Error Performance through Lattices and Concatenated Nested Coding UT Austin
Ultra-high Data Rate Pptical Wireless: towards the All-optical Network University of Oxford
Energy Enhancing Bandwidth of PEH via a Flexible Structure Coupled with Magnetic Field Auburn University
Low-frequency Ultra-wide Bandwidth Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Design, Simulation and Fabrication of A Spiral-Shaped Multi-mass PVDF Cantilever Peking University
Heterogeneous Layered Structured Materials for High Energy and Power Density of Lithium Battery University of Michigan
First Principles Study on Atomic Structures and Electrochemical Properties of High Capacity OLO Cathode Materials University of Texas at Dallas
Image Sensor Polarization Enhanced Image Sensor for Endoscopy Washington University in St. Louis
Medical Technology, Imaging, 3D Modeling, Device, Graphic, etc. Fractal RF Coils for MRI UC Irvine
Patient-Specific Simulations of Cardiovascular Remodeling and Adaptation: New Approaches to Predict Therapeutic Responses UC San Diego
Development of Tunable Terahertz Source for Nonlinear 2D THZ Spectroscopy of Biomedical Samples MIT
A Novel Shear Wave Approach to Non-invasively Assess Mechanical Properties of Liver for Early Diagnosis and 3D Organ Modeling University of Pittsburgh
MRI-Safe Robot for Direct Image-Guided Percutaneous Interventions Johns Hopkins University
All-optical High-resolution Photoacoustic Endoscopy University of Michigan
Volumetric Rendering and 3D UI for Medical Applications to Achieve mHealth SUNY Stony Brook
MobileX: Imaging Skin, Blood and Retina via Computational Photography on a Smartphone Rice University
Tissue Characterizing Female Breast Tomography using Ultrasound Friedrich Alexander University
Silica Nanoshells for Tumor Localization and HIFU UC San Diego
Non-Invasive High Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging for Hemodynamics Monitoring and Tumor Detection Delft University of Technology
Combined Laser Ultrasonic and Optoacoustic Imaging System for Biological Tissue Institute on Laser and Information Technologies RAS
Metabolic Engineering High-Accuracy Integration of Transcriptomics and Metabolic Modeling with Application to the Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
A Synthetic, Combinatorial Approach to Identify Yeast Gene Knockdown Targets for Metabolic Engineering Applications UT Austin
Novel Screening Method for Finding Aerobic Aldehyde and Alcohol Dehydrogenases Tampere University of Technology
Molecular Mechanisms of Substrate Inhibition of Dehydrogenases University of Toronto
Genome-Scale Metabolic Modeling and Integrative Analysis of Omics Data: Lessons from S. cerevisiae Chalmers U of Technology
Integrating High-throughput Physiology and Regulatory Networks in Metabolic Models University of Toronto
New Materials Computational Material Design: Evolutionary Algorithm for Predicting New High Dielectric Materials SUNY Stony Brook
Holographic Photopolymerizable Prganic/inorganic Hybrids Cornell University
Multifunctional Composites based on Biopolymers and Biobased Additives for Food Packaging Applications University of Perugia
Characterising QD (Quantum Dot) Emitters and Lasers Cardiff University
Quantum Dot Lasers: Materials Physics to Printable Devices University of Oxford
Supermacroporous Hybrid Polymerics for Efficient Removal of Endocrine Disruptors and Other Water Pollutants IIT Kanpur
Holographic Photopolymers with High Performances for Display Applications Institute of Organic Chemistry, SB RAS
Novel Indium‐free TCO with Low-Temperature Preparation by Ultraviolet Photo-Annealing University of Michigan
Hybrid Ferroelectric-Charge Nonvolatile Memory Cornell University
New Memory Redefining DRAM Interface for Future Platforms University of Pittsburgh
System-Wide Adaptive Techniques for Robust STT MRAM Integration UT Austin
Novel Electronic Devices Based on Coupled Phase Transitions University of Texas at Dallas
Next Generation Ics & Interconnections Novel Inkjet Printed Ultra Broadband Wireless Interconnects between Chips, Modules and Boards operating up to 110GHz Georgia Tech
Non-Volatile Magnonic Logic UCLA
Precision Lateral Heterojunctions for Atomically Thin Circuitry Cornell University
Wireless Chip-to-Chip Interconnects: From Circuits To Systems Purdue University
Graphene-enabled Wireless Communications Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Silicon Origami for 3D Interconnect Technology Cornell University
III-V-based Nanowire MOSFET and NanoPillar Tunnel FET For Ultra Low-Power Nanoelectronics Penn State University
III-V 4D Transistors Purdue University
Multiscale Simulation of Charge Transport Properties in Polycrystalline Graphene Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Physarum Chips: A feasibility study on interfacing nano- and macro-worlds via amorphous biological computing substrate University of West of England
Radio-Frequency Graphene Integrated Circuits Harvard University
Design and Fabrication of Nanosized Logic Gates with the Fluorene Derivative (FD)/DNA Probes and their Application for Detection of ATP and Cocaine Qingdao Institute, CAS
High Temperature Processed Thin Film Transistors On Low Temperature Substrates Stanford University
Power Electronics Modular Multilevel Motor Drive for Electrical Vehicles Incorporating Battery Charger and Providing Battery Charge Management University of Birmingham
Advanced Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems for Safety and Performance University of Oxford
Process & Design for Product Development Plasmonic Nanolithography using Hyperbolic Medium for Large Area Nanopatterning University of Michigan
A Debugger for Mobile-Cloud Applications UIUC
A Critical Evaluation of System-Efficient ESD Design (SEED) UIUC
Hygro-thermal Induced Failure Prediction by Using Peridynamics University of Arizona
Atomistic Modeling of Strained Group IV Alloys University of Washington
UX Next Generation User Interfaces Incorporating Eye Tracking for Smart Portable Electronics University of Pennsylvania
Context-Aware Spoken Dialogue Agents for Immersive Interaction in the Real World Carnegie Mellon University
Human-Centric User Research to Identify Disruptive Opportunities in Convergent Paper and Digital Use UC Berkeley
Users' Experience and Design Value Research on Paper Use Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Next Generation Mobile User Interfaces with Augmented Reality Visualizations University of South Australia
Fast Fixed Point Algorithms for Identifying Alertness and Emotion IIT Kharagpur
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