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Global Collaboration : Core Network Program


SAIT is the central research institute for the Samsung Group, established to generate the science and technology foundation for Samsung's future. We work closely with research communities worldwide, identifying challenges, sharing findings, and continually exploring possibilities for the future as we mutually push the frontiers of science and technology along a variety of research directions. Presently, our main areas of focus include Future IT (ranging from exploratory work with Beyond 4G systems to next-generation medical imaging, intelligent web and multi-core technologies), New Materials & Device (including areas as diverse as flexible display, new materials and nanotechnology), Energy & Environment (including EV batteries, solar cells and water treatment) and Bio & Health (including theranostics, point-of-care diagnostics, advanced therapeutics, and biomaterials).

SAIT is eager to establish close relationships with global experts, tapping into their knowledge, experience, and insights for mutual benefit. The mission of SAIT is, "To Change the World Through Creative Research" and so CORE Network members have unique opportunities to work closely with Samsung --a company with unparalleled global strength truly representing the possibility to "Change the World Through Creative Research." CORE Network includes around 40 experts from around the globe and will be continually expanded. Members will also be connected to each other through Samsung in order to exchange innovative ideas of mutual interest.

Members of CORE Network can participate in the following:

  • - Sharing ideas on technology fusion and multidisciplinary collaboration to overcome significant technical challenges
  • - Advising on research strategy, sharing perspectives on megatrends driving the future
  • - Collaborating on the development of new business opportunities and research themes

Members of the CORE Network are selected via internal recommendation as based on SAIT's particular research needs and directions. We greatly appreciate your interest in the CORE Network Program as we look forward to fostering a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with leading experts from around the globe.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more. (

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