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Global Collaboration GRO Program


The SAMSUNG Global Research Outreach (GRO) Program is SAMSUNG's (Samsung Electronics & affiliated Samsung companies) academic research collaboration platform.

We annually invite world-class university researchers to submit innovative research proposals to foster collaborative relationships.

Selected proposals will receive financial support for one year ranging from USD $70,000 to $100,000 including reasonable overhead. In some cases, larger awards may be possible for especially outstanding proposals. Awards may be renewed up to three years, based on research outcomes and necessity for further research partnership driven by SAMSUNG. Joint research proposals from multiple universities may also be accepted.

The GRO Program represents an opportunity for SAMSUNG and universities to build a mutually beneficial research relationship. We look forward to your participation.

A PDF version of our printed 2014 GRO leaflet is available for download.

For more questions about the GRO Program, please contact us based on your location.

GRO Contact : China(, Japan(, Europe(, North America(, Asia & Oceania(except China, Japan)(, Russia(
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