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About sait Samsung Group's R&D hub
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Global Labs

SAIT collaborates with talented people around the world to keep abreast of state-of-the-art technologies, drive new trends, and create opportunities. Through Open Innovation, SAIT's global labs located in Yokohama, Beijing, San Jose, Boston, Moscow, Bengaluru, London, Frankfurt collaborate with regional universities, labs, and companies to create better technologies for all.

SAIT Global R&D


Samsung R&D Institute Japan(SRJ) was established in August 1992, leading its research and development activities in Japan. In April 2002, SRJ opened another research facility located in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. Over the past 20 years, SRJ has contributed to many of Samsung's core businesses; innovative research and developments in the field of Home Appliance, Digital TV, Printer, MLCC, Secondary Battery, and so on.

  • Yokohama Research Center Yokohama
    Research Center
  • Samsung Osaka Research Center Osaka
    Research Center
Research Areas & Core Activities

Research activity is focusing in the following areas; electronic materials and devices for next generation display, secondary battery, and advanced technologies for consumer electronics and semiconductor memory.

We believe that innovation comes from the creativity and insight stimulated with the interaction of academia. Partnerships with leading universities and institutes are indispensable for SRJ's research and development activities. SRJ is actively conducting more than 100 research partnerships every year with universities and research institutes in Japan.

SRJ is moving to invest considerable resources in fundamental R&D topics with strong innovations in Japan. Our competence in materials and devices and advanced consumer electronics technologies is a key success factor in Samsung's new business and technical breakthrough.

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