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SAIT, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Samsung Electronics Holds 'Samsung AI Forum 2018'

Samsung Electronics Holds 'Samsung AI Forum 2018'

September 12, 2018  


Samsung Electronics invited world-renowned scholars in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) on September 12 and 13 to share the latest research trends related to AI


The 'Samsung AI Forum 2018' was held to explore applications and innovation directions.


The forum, which started last year, was held at the Samsung Electronics Seocho Building under the host of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.   

The second day was held at Samsung Electronics' Seoul R & D campus in Ueon-dong under the host of Samsung Research.


About 1,500 artificial intelligence experts, professors, and students attended for two days.


In addition to presenting in-depth topics on AI of world-class scholars,

research exchange activities were also underway for college students to present their research results and receive advice from experts.


□ Day 1 Forum


On the first day, with beginning of lectures of Professor Yann LeCun from New York University and Professor Yoshua Bengio from Montreal University, Professor Joel Pineau of McGill University, Professor Aaron Courville of the University of Montreal, Professor Yang Eun-ho of KAIST presented the latest artificial intelligence technologies and future directions such as Self-Supervised Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. Professor Yann LeCun and Professor Yoshua Bengio are considered to be gurus in deep running.


Ki-nam Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, said, "I hope our efforts to innovate AI technology will solve the human problems and benefit the world. He also said, “Today's event brings together the leading AI innovators to demonstrate unprecedented potential for AI."


As the first lecturer, Professor Yan Rukun gave a lecture on "Self-Supervised Learning". He emphasized the need for modeling complex real worlds in order to have the ultimate human AI. He also suggested ‘Self-supervised Learning’as a future challenge.


Professor Yoshua Bengio, who participated this year after last year, delivered a lecture on optimization and generalization effects of SGD in deep nets.


□ Day 2 Forum


On the second day, Professor Barry Smith of the University of Dublin, Imperial College London, Ianis Demiris, Professor Yiannis Demiris and Professor Gu-Yeon Wei of Harvard University gave speeches on language inference and visual, robotics, on-device AI.


Samsung Electronics President and CEO of Samsung Research said, "In the rapidly evolving AI field, I hope it will be an important time to think deeply about the future prospects.”


Sebastian Seung, vice president and top research scientist of Samsung research gave a lecture on the subject of 'The computer and the brain: a contemporary perspective' along with a new research method on the connection between neural network research and artificial intelligence.


In August, Samsung selected AI as one of the four future growth businesses and announced that they would strengthen its research competency. In order to secure its leadership, Samsung Electronics will continue to pursue AI prior research and secure top talents.