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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Global Collaboration

GRO Program

Eligibility for Participation :
- Applicants must be a university professor or researcher.
- University shall accept GRO Research Agreement (RA) as part of the proposal submission process.

Initial acceptance by the applicant's university is accomplished through submission of GRO RA Acceptance Letter without any modifications. If the university would like to review GRO RA before submission, detailed GRO RA could be sent via email upon request of authorized official of the university.

  • June

    GRO Theme

  • June ~ August


  • September


  • October

    of the Finalists

  • November

    Finalization the
    GRO Research

  • January

    GRO Project

GRO Year Calendar

  • 2023.06

    GRO Theme Open

  • 2023.06~08

    Proposal Submission (19th June ~ 22nd of August, 09:00 A.M. Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)
    Applicants shall submit a research proposal and signed RA acceptance letter.
    All documents are only accepted via the GRO submission website prior to the deadline. After the deadline,
    the applicants are not able to submit, amend or modify proposals.
  • 2023.09

    Proposal Screening
    SAMSUNG Technology Board members review all the submitted proposals in accordance with GRO evaluation criteria as below.
    The innovativeness of the research
    The potential societal and/or business impact expected from the development, dissemination and use of project results
    The feasibility of the research with respect to the planned time, objectives, intended results and resources available
    The research competencies of the principal investigator in relevant field(s)
  • 2023.10

    Announcement of the Finalists
    All applicants will be informed of final results by email.
    We do not provide individual feedback on proposals not selected for funding.
  • 2023.11

    Finalization of the GRO Research Agreement
    SAMSUNG will send signed GRO RA documents. The selected university will then sign and return the GRO RA documents before the funding process starts.
  • 2024.01

    GRO Project Starts
    Samsung recommends projects start in January 2024. If the contract cannot be completed by the end of December, the project may be dropped.

    - Confidential and Proprietary Information Participants shall ensure that no confidential or proprietary information is included in submitted proposals. SAMSUNG will treat all information submitted in proposals as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Under the GRO Program, submitted proposals will be reviewed by SAMSUNG personnel, including SAMSUNG researchers, who will become knowledgeable of the information provided by the university researcher in the project proposal. During the evaluation process, SAMSUNG cannot maintain the confidentiality of information set forth in the proposals. Accordingly, SAMSUNG does not require, and does not desire, to receive any infor- mation that may be deemed confidential by the university researcher or the university.