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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Global Collaboration

2023 GRO Timeline
Web Submission Starts:
June 19, 2023
Submission Deadline:
August 22, 2023 09:00 A.M. (Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)
Final Results Announcement (via email):
October, 2023

2023 GRO online submission is now closed.


Applicants shall submit the following two(2) documents.

- Research Proposal
Proposal Guide & Format download
- Signed GRO RA Acceptance Letter (GRO RA is available upon request)
GRO RA Acceptance Letter download
Research Themes

2023 GRO Program is seeking proposals in Eleven(11) research themes.
Details are described in the description documents and other themes are also welcome.

Machine Intelligence

Bayesian Optimization via Generative ModelPDF download

Trustability & Controllability of Large Language ModelPDF download

Intelligent RAN Technology for nextG Cellular NetworksPDF download

Customizing Generative AI and LLM ModelsPDF download

Controllable 2D/3D Generative ModelPDF download

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing AlgorithmsPDF download

New Computing

Reconfigurable AI compiler and design space explorationPDF download

Power efficient System S/W and H/WPDF download

New Memory

New memory platformPDF download

New storage for large machine learning trainingPDF download

Semicon. Process

3D Metrology, Inspection for CD, and material analysisPDF download

Next-generation AI Technique for Semiconductor Metrology and InspectionPDF download

Heterogeneous 3D Integration
(Beyond Si and Beyond III-V)PDF download

Metaphotonics for Advanced Electronics, Integrated Si PhotonicsPDF download

Thermal management solutionsPDF download

Semicon. Equipment

Athermal Optics design, EUV mirror inspection technology, Freeform EUV mirrorPDF download

Laser Produced Plasma simulation for EUV Source ImprovementPDF download

Cryogenics(Stirling cooler for semiconductor)PDF download

Machine Learning-assisted Plasma Processing
(Recipe Design, Machine Learning-assisted Process Simulation)PDF download

Semicon. Materials

Computational Methodology for Semicon. MaterialsPDF download

Methodologies for high quality SiC waferPDF download

6G Communication

Envelope tracking transmitter in hybrid beamforming systemPDF download

Mobile Solution

Mobile IP SolutionPDF download

Mobile Neural GraphicsPDF download

Future Mobility

Smart Vehicle E/E ArchitecturePDF download

Autonomous DrivingPDF download

Environmental Technology for Sustainability

Carbon capture and utilizationPDF download

Plasma-Catalysis (Gas abatement technology using plasma-catalysis)PDF download