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SAIT, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Global Collaboration

2019 GRO Timeline
Web Submission Starts:
April 22, 2019
Submission Deadline:
June 25, 2019 (09:00 A.M. Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)
Final Results Announcement (via email):
August, 2019

2019 GRO online submission is now closed.


Applicants shall submit the following two(2) documents.

- Research Proposal
Proposal Guide & Format download / Google Drive Download
- Signed GRO RA Acceptance Letter (GRO RA is available upon request)
GRO RA Acceptance Letter download / Google Drive Download
Research Themes

2019 GRO Program is seeking proposals in twelve(12) research themes.
Details are described in the description documents and other themes are also welcome.

All File Download(Google Drive)

Machine Intelligence

Deep reinforcement learning for graph optimization PDF download

Rejection : Out-of-distribution detection PDF download

Homomorphic Encryption

Cryptanalysis, Comparison and Search, Authentication of computation results PDF download

Physical and Mental Health

Healthcare Sensors, Algorithms, and Systems PDF download

Mental Health Assessment using Mobile Devices PDF download

Autonomous Materials

Inverse design methodology for Periodic system PDF download


New Frontiers in Metaphotonics PDF download

Functional Oxide

Oxide Thin Films for Memory and Logic Applications PDF download

Next-Gen Computing

Power Grid Design and Analysis in Advanced Technology Nodes PDF download

Synergy between Graphics and Compute on Mobile GPUs PDF download

Machine Learning Techniques for Power/Thermal Modeling and Control Algorithms for High-end CPU PDF download

Air Pollution Remediation

Decomposition of compounds to cause particulate matters based on microbial conversion PDF download

New tech. for Washable, Regenerable Filter, and Indoor CO₂ Elimination PDF download

Simulation methodology of particulate matter and air qualityPDF download

Semiconductor Materials

CMOS Channel materials for low thermal budget processPDF download

Ab Initio Reliability Simulation

Defect engineering in semiconductor technologyPDF download

Spintronics Materials & Devices

Spintronics Materials & DevicesPDF download

Halide Perovskite Materials

New Metal Halide Perovskite DevicesPDF download