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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Global Collaboration

2022 GRO Timeline
Web Submission Starts:
June 20, 2022
Submission Deadline:
August 23, 2022 (09:00 A.M. Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)
Final Results Announcement (via email):
October, 2022

The 2022 GRO online submission has closed.


Applicants shall submit the following two(2) documents.

- Research Proposal
Proposal Guide & Format download
- Signed GRO RA Acceptance Letter (GRO RA is available upon request)
GRO RA Acceptance Letter download
Research Themes

2022 GRO Program is seeking proposals in Eight(8) research themes.
Details are described in the description documents and other themes are also welcome.

New Computing

Computing Devices & ArchitecturePDF download

Rack-scale ComputingPDF download

Intelligent, Reliable and High efficient Storage for HPCPDF download

Technologies to Attack the Memory and Communication WallPDF download

Applications of near storage compute for Information-Centric NetworkPDF download

Electronic Material

Inorganic P-type SemiconductorPDF download

Oxide semiconductor based Memory DevicePDF download

(Ferroelectric, Resistive, Phase change, Magnetic) Material based Memory DevicePDF download

Scalable Channel Material for Logic Device beyond SiPDF download

Soft RoboticsPDF download

New MaterialsPDF download

Machine Intelligence

Multi-task Vision AIPDF download

Tiny Machine LearningPDF download

Future Mobility TechnologyPDF download

Semiconductor Process

ALD for SemiconductorPDF download

Ultrathin, High Quality SiO2 for Extremely Large Surface AreaPDF download

Sub-10nm, High Aspect Ratio Trench Etching TechniquePDF download

3D Monolithic IntegrationPDF download

Semiconductor Equipment

Fundamental Automation/Manipulation Technology for Semiconductor EquipmentPDF download

AI/ML Solutions for Semiconductor Equipment & ProcessesPDF download

Technology for Semiconductor Metrology and InspectionPDF download

Future Camera & Sensor

Low-height High-zoom Camera Module Optics, Algorithms, and Camera SystemPDF download

Bioinspired sensing & short to long IR wavelength technologies
for imaging & sensing applicationsPDF download

Next Gen. Battery

Safety-enhanced Battery based on LIB chemistryPDF download

Battery Reuse & RecyclingPDF download

Low-Cost BatteryPDF download

Environmental Technology for Sustainability

Carbon Capture and UtilizationPDF download

Virus Sensing, Diagnosis, and InactivationPDF download