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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Global Collaboration


  • Geoffrey Beach(MIT), New Computing - Ferrimagnetic Skyrmions for Racetrack Memory and Computing
  • Sanghyun Hong(Oregon State University), New Computing - Efficient Computing Methods for Neural Networks for In-Memory Computing
  • Mai Zheng(Iowa State University), New Computing - Analyzing the Blast Radius Problem of SSD Failures on HPC
  • Torsten Hoefler(ETH Zurich), New Computing - Building Massively Parallel Supercomputers based on Near-Memory Computing
  • Christopher Hinkle(University of Notre Dame), Electronic Material - Cubic 3D Chalcogenide Semiconductors for p-Channel BEOL Transistors
  • Masaharu Kobayashi(University of Tokyo), Electronic Material - Oxide-Semiconductor Vertical-Channel Ferroelectric Transistors
  • Matthew Graham(Oregon State University), Electronic Material - Resolving Tail-to-Tail Trap Density in Semiconductor Oxide Devices
  • Krishna Saraswat(Stanford University), Electronic Material - Low Resistance TMD Contacts
  • Fumiya Iida(University of Cambridge), Electronic Material - Human-like active tactile perception of a sensorized soft robotic finger
  • Sang-Hoon Bae(Washington University in St. Louis), Electronic Material - Next generation CMOS based on single crystalline 2D materials
  • Chen Sun(Brown University), Machine Intelligence - Towards a Unified Visual Perception and Reasoning Framework
  • Karthik Narasimhan(Princeton University), Machine Intelligence - Data Multiplexing for Energy-efficient Tiny ML
  • Bolei Zhou(University of California Los Angeles), Machine Intelligence - Benchmarking the Real-World Decision Making of Autonomous Driving Systems
  • Jiyoung Kim(University of Texas at Dallas), Semiconductor Process - In-situ Electrical and Materials Characterization for Atomic Layer Doping
  • Yan Wang(Georgia Institute of Technology), Semiconductor Equipment - Physics-Constrained Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection
  • Chabum Lee(Texas A&M University), Semiconductor Equipment - Waveguide-based Dark Field Scattering Spectroscopy
  • Stanley Chan(Purdue University), Future Camera & Sensor - Compact High-Zoom Metasurface Camera
  • Debashis Chanda(University of Central Florida), Future Camera & Sensor - Bioinspired Frequency Modulation based Uncooled MWIR/LWIR Detection
  • Wendy Gu(Stanford University), Next Generation Battery - Thermo-Mechanical Protection for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Hosop Shin(Indiana University), Next Generation Battery - Direct Upcycling of Spent Polycrystalline NMCs to Single-crystal Ni-rich NMC
  • Bin Ouyang(Florida State University), Next Generation Battery - Data-driven discovery of low-cost and high-performance Li-ion cathode
  • Meilin Liu(Georgia Institute of Technology), Next Generation Battery - Durable fast charging Nb-oxide coated cobalt-free high Mn cathode materials
  • Yayuan Liu(Johns Hopkins University), Environmental Technology for Sustainability - Electrochemically Mediated Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide
  • Jinsang Kim(University of Michigan), Environmental Technology for Sustainability - Dual self-signaling and virucidal polydiacetylene-based sensors