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Image Segmentation for FIB-SEM Serial Sectioning of a Si/C?Graphite Composite Anode Microstructure Based on Preprocessing and Global Thresholding

Microsc. Microanal.(Microscopy and Microanalysis)
Li-ion battery performance such as energy density and power density, etc., is strongly correlated with the microstructure of the electrode. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze the microstructure and to understand the correlation for designing high-performance battery system. In this study, we describe an adequate and systematic image processing algorithm flow for analyzing anode structure images obtained from focused ion beam-scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM). Note that there are several issues in the FIB-SEM images hindering proper microstructure analysis. Therefore, we figured out the causes of the issues and established an algorithm for appropriate pre-processing techniques to resolve each problems. After the pre-processing, we segmented active materials and pores by using proposed simple yet powerful global thresholding method and reconstructed 3-dimensional pore structure from the segmentation. The algorithm flow can be applied to FIB-SEM images of any anode microstructure and various quantitative indicators of the microstructure could be extracted from the analyzed microstructure.
Microscopy and Microanalysis (2019), 1?16