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Multi-functional interface for high-rate and long-durable garnet-type solid electrolyte in lithium metal batteries

ACS Energy Letters

Lithium dendrite growth in solid electrolytes is one of the major obstacles to the commercialization of solid-state batteries based on garnet-type solid electrolytes. Herein, we propose a novel strategy that can simultaneously resolve both the interface and electronic conductivity issues via a simple one-step procedure that provides multi-layer protection at low temperature. We take advantage of the facile chemical conversion reaction, showing the wet-coated SnF2 particles on the solid electrolyte effectively produces a multi-functional interface composed of LiF and Li?Sn alloy upon contact with lithium. We demonstrate multi-function enables the remarkably high critical current density up to 2.4 mA cm?2 at 25 °C and the stable galvanostatic cycling for over 1000 hours at 0.5 mA cm?2 in the lithium symmetric cell. Moreover, the full cell delivers robust cycle life of more than 600 cycles at 1.0 mA cm?2, which is the highest performance at room temperature reported to date.


ACS Energy Lett. 2022, 7, 381?389