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Self-assembled micro-light-emitting diodes using multiple-sapphire nanomembranes

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Micro-LED is the only display production technology capable of meeting the high performance requirements of future screens. However it has significant obstacles in commercialization due to etching loss and efficiency reduction caused by the singulation process, in addition to expensive costs and a significant amount of time spent on transfer. Herein, MSNM technology has been developed that enables the rapid transfer of arrays while producing micro-LEDs without the need for any singulation procedure. A single micro-LED is formed by the pendeo-epitaxy and coalescence of GaN grown in a single-sapphire nanomembrane spaced at regular intervals. we have successfully fabricated micro-LEDs of different sizes including 20×20 mm2, 40×40 mm2 and 100×100 mm2, utilizing the membrane design. It was confirmed that the 100×100 mm2 micro LED manufactured with MSNM technology not only relieved stress by 80.6%, but also reduced TDD by 58.7% compared to the reference sample. It was proven that micro-LED arrays of the varized chip sizes using MSNM were all transferred to the backplane. A vertical structure LED device could be fabricated using a 100×100 mm2 micro-LED chip and it was comfimed to have the low operation voltage. Out work suggest that the development of the MSNM technology is promising for the commercialization of micro-LED display technology.

ACS Appl.Mater. Interfaces 2022,14,25781-25791