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Performance estimation of optical skin probe in short wavelength infrared spectroscopy based on Monte-Carlo simulation

Scientific Reports

Optical throughput and optical path length are key parameters to obtain high signal to noise ratio and sensor sensitivity for the detection of skin tissue components based on short wavelength infrared (SWIR) spectroscopy. These parameters should be taken into account at the stage of optical system design. We aim to develop a method to estimate the optical efficiency and the effective water path length of a newly designed SWIR spectroscopy skin measurement system using Monte-Carlo photon migration simulation. To estimate the optical efficiency and the effective water path length, we investigated the characteristics of  Monte-Carlo photon migration simulation utilizing one layered simple skin model. Simulation of photon transport in skin was conducted for transmission, transflection, and reflection optical configurations in both first overtone (1540~1820 nm) and combination (2040~2380 nm) wavelength ranges. Experimental measurement of skin spectrum was done using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy based system to validate the estimation performance. Overall, the simulated results for optical efficiency and effective water path length are in good agreements with the experimental measurements, which shows the suggested method can be used as a means for the performance estimation and the design optimization of various in-vivo SWIR spectroscopic system.


Sci Rep 12, 20134 (2022)