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SAIT is looking for highly creative people to lead the future. The institute's world-class lab facilities and broad scope of research provides a rich environment for conducting cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation.



In this stage, the application submits his/her resume and an application from in order to demostrate work experience, specialized knowledge, technical skills, compatibility with SAIT research areas, and personal qualifications.

Instructions for applicants

You may include documents that introduce your research papers or help demonstrate your technical expertise. Make absolutely sure that your submitted documents do not disclose any trades secrets or violate any compliance laws or regulations.



In this interview the applicant gives a brief presentation introducing his/her career background and technical expertise. Applicants from overseas can do this interview via/video orconference call.

Instructions for applicants

You sould strive to present your work experience and research capabilities ad clearly as possible. Therefoce, creating a well thought out and organized presentation is highly recommended.



We believe that an applicatants personality is at least as important as technical skills. In this interview applications fet a chance to talk about things like their values, creative talents, passion for their work, and leadership ablities.

Instructions for applicants

In this interview it is important to just be yourself and give your honest opinions. Addititionality, you are encouraged to talk about your vision and goals for the future.



Finaly, successfull applicants must get a physical examiniation at a hospital designated by SAIT.

Instructions for applicants

Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions that you receivebefore you go for the medical check.

Generally, the application process takes about 5 to 7 weeks. However, the length of time may vary according to individual circumstances.
Those who wish to apply, please send in an application at any time by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below. After logging in, please apply through 'Ongoing Recruitment'. For those who have trouble applying through the system, please send your resume directly to:


After submission, please confirm your application by sending an email to

Training Programs
  1. Visiting

    Research on Industrial-educational
    The USA / China / Europe, 1 year

  2. Visiting

    Training program for the area of future
    strategic technology and essential technology
    Domestic/Global, Graduate/Doctor

  3. Local

    Localized and specialized talents
    for global competitiveness
    80 countries, 12~24 months