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Environmental Research

SAIT are researching on various technologies to deal with emerging social/global environmental issues such as particulate matter. Development of new environmental technologies will open up new avenues for a sustainable future.

Particulate Matter

Solutions to critical issues of particulate matter and air quality; Sensors for nanoparticle/gas, Catalysts for particle/gas removal and Maintenance-free air purification

Overview High concentration of atmospheric PM (particulate matter) has become one of the major concerns all over the world. It is commonly thought that exposure to ambient PM can cause adverse health effects. The rate of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory diseases such as asthma are highly linked to PM concentration. To relieve those concerns, a complete understanding through improved simulation and analytical methodologies followed by effective reduction technologies are required.

Technology Trend Recently, efforts to reduce PMs have been made by government and academia. From a technical point of view, major research topics about PM can be divided into 4 categories. First theme is elucidating the formation mechanism of PM. Especially understanding anthropologically generated secondary PM formation is challenging. Second theme is prediction of air quality and health/ecological impacts. The third theme is diagnosis of PM. Analyzing and measuring physicochemical characteristics of PM are essential for identifying and understanding formation mechanism and simulation. The last one is mitigation technologies such as gas decomposition catalysts from emission sources and PM collecting techniques, including filter, electrostatic precipitator. These four topics closely correlate with another so active Cross-National Research collaborations between the experts of different topics are going on all over the globe.

SAIT Technology In Samsung Particulate Matter Research Institute which established under umbrella of SAIT in January 2019, we are aiming to find critical issues of particulate matter and provide our technical solutions to society. To achieve this goal, we are focusing on how to precisely monitor and how to efficiently remove harmful air pollutants. PM sensor that can measure smaller PM more precisely, simultaneous removal of gases and particles, and sustainable PM removal technology for maintenance–free air purification system are on track. Our goal is to innovate accuracy and efficiency of monitoring and removal process so that we can contribute to not only future growth of the company but also our society.